Profile of X-Pact Society

(A Church Planting Mission Agency)

Brief history

X-Pact is a mission agency started by Singaporeans to help Singaporean fulfill the Lord’s Great Commission. We at X-Part believe that God has put Singaporeans in a strategic position (geographically, economically and culturally) to reach our Asian neighbors. This God-given window of opportunity will not stay open to us if we are not faithful to grasp it.

X-Pact was set up in 1997 through a series of amazing events by a few graduates of Singapore Bible College. Our first church planting work were in North India, Taiwan and Cambodia. The Lord has blessed our missionary partners’ labour and churches were planted through them in their respectful fields. Now, the Lord has continued to enable us to send other missionary partners to the fields.

The ministry in X-Pact is oversee by the Board of Executive Committee and supported by staff. The team meet regularly to pray, discuss and plan the work of X-Pact.

Vision: Planting Able Churches Together with Christ

X – Christos
P – Planting
A – Able
C – Churches
T- Together

Mission: The 3 P’s of X-Pact

Plant Churches – to establish doctrinally-sound and vibrant churches, which are able to plant other churches.
People Groups – to plant such churches amongst unreached people groups/areas.
Partnership – to achieve our objective through close co-operation with like-minded Christians, churches and organizations.


X-Pact Society is a faith organization. It is wholly dependent on contributions made by churches or individuals who share the same vision & mission of the Society. Your support will go a long way to enable the work of X-Pact to grow.

Mission Fields

Currently, X-Pact Society is involved in church-planting work in Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Our church-planting work in Nepal is carried out in the unreached mountainous regions. Our missionary partner, Pastor Vinod, has established several village churches in these areas, and has also started a cottage sewing ministry as an outreach point. The church also celebrated the ground-breaking for the construction of a church building to cater to the increasing number of believers.

In Bangladesh, our missionary partner, Ms Susan, has been teaching in a bible school and ministering to children from an unreached people group. She has also been involved in reaching people residing in the slum areas through community health evangelism. She has also established a ladies fellowship in one of her outreach areas.

X-Pact has three missionary partners in Northern Thailand. Pastor Richard is a veteran missionary for more than twenty years. He is pioneering a church-planting work among the Akka tribe in a village and has setup an old folk ministry as an outreach point at Lu Village. This serves as a church-planting work to reach out to the old folks. Pastor Assanee has been pioneering church-planting work among the Shah tribe in a slum area. Pastor Prae ministers to the Karen tribe in a village. Both have also established churches in the city of Northern Thailand reaching out to university students.

Several churches were planted in the rural villages in Cambodia in the early part of X-Pact ministry. This was in partnership with Pastor Reaksa. To help these churches to grow, a travelling evangelistic team was established to go into countryside churches to strengthen the believers. To build better rapport among the villagers, the travelling team sacrificed their city lifestyle to stay a few days per week at the villages.

In Indonesia, there is ongoing work to help strengthen the ministry of Exodus ministry who is reaching out to the poor Chinese in a ghetto district. The outreach work includes sharing the good news of Jesus, and establishing children and youth activities to improve their well-being, particularly in the area of their education.

Here in Singapore, we have also started a local mission point. Our local mission coordinator has established a fellowship group in one of our heartlands.